Interested in Joining an Entreprneurial team working to positively transform Canadian Education? We’re hiring and looking to fill two positions!

Applications will be considered for hire as they arrive. Posting stays open until Sept 5th.

(1) Community Manager

  • Are you a connector, catalyst, and someone who enjoys investing in people and networks?
  • Are you passionate about leading youth programming and investing in youth education?
  • Are you looking for a role with the freedom to create and work on strategy amongst a highly productive team?

This role provides a great platform for someone looking to take on a leadership role in a growing and entrepreneurial organization working in the education and innovation space.

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(2) Development Manager

  • Do you care deeply about youth, education, and making an impact?
  • Do you find sales and marketing comes naturally to you, and not forced at all?
  • Do you consider yourself entrepreneurial, and wish more had the opportunity to develop those skills?
  • Would you say investing in relationships and cherishing people is your craft?
  • Are you fearless, and find yourself at ease and with poise whether mingling with those with wealth and fame or those strangers you meet on your way to work?

This role provides a great platform for someone with a background in business and marketing to lead the development and fundraising activities of a growing and entrepreneurial charity.

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More About YELL Canada

What we do

YELL Canada is a rapidly growing Canadian charity that enhances entrepreneurship and innovation education in high schools. We believe that entrepreneurial thinking is a life skill for any career or post-secondary path.

 Our Vision: A bright future for all Canadian communities, created by today’s youth.

Our Mission: Work within the Canadian school system to enhance innovation and entrepreneurship education, so as to equip youth with an entrepreneurial mindset at the age it most readily develops.

We focus on

  • Increasing youth confidence, resiliency, and adaptability in the face of rising levels of youth anxiety
  • Reigniting lifelong learning and curiosity
  • Facilitating activities for youth to practice courage and integrity through uncomfortable real-world learning
  • Broadening and expanding youth’s imagination for career and post-secondary opportunities
  • Connecting youth to a local support network of mentors and leaders who can provide sustained guidance
  • Sparking and increasing community awareness and civic pride

Some of BC’s leading and most innovative school districts are already working with YELL, and over the next few years, YELL will be taking its new approach to partnering in the classroom across Canada