The Young Entrepreneur Leadership Launchpad (YELL) was founded by three Canadian entrepreneurs passionate about developing a program that could reach high school students across the country. A concept that would rest on the collective efforts of school district administrators, teachers, parents and business and community leaders.

The program is a hands-on, experiential accelerator for high school students interested in gaining knowledge and developing experience in all areas of business and entrepreneurship. In addition, YELL helps students interact with others across the school system with like-minded individuals, helps to build a community based framework to enhance innovation and provides a learning and development structure to foster innovation and advancement for future generations.

YELL is a registered charity led by a passionate team of staff and volunteers. YELL works with school districts to develop customized learning programs that may be integrated into existing credited business courses.  YELL brings mentors from the business community into classrooms to discuss their experience and best practices in all aspects of business ranging from corporate finance to social entrepreneurship. A level of sophistication is added through the use of Desire2Learn LeaP platform (formerly Knowillage), which enables seamless and transparent use of any content, while using cutting edge adaptive learning methodologies, allowing for a full personalized learning and maximum student engagement and results.