Program Structure

how we YELL

business accelerator


The Business Accelerator begins with the YELL launch event and a dynamic entrepreneurs discussion panel.  Students will be inspired by the personal stories and contrasting experiences of some of their city’s most accomplished entrepreneurs. Following the entrepreneur’s panel, the Business Accelerator kicks into high gear with a weekly session covering one of several business topics.  Current YELL modules include leadership, communication and presentation skills, corporate finance, business law, branding, marketing, social entrepreneurship, mindfulness in business and understanding the process of idea creation.  Each class is broken into three parts: (1) instruction by school teacher; (2) lecture from a practitioner; and (3) a guest speaker.  An exciting line-up of instructors and speakers will ensure students in the YELL program receive an unparalleled educational experience.

Idea Incubator


The Idea Incubator phase turns to focus on student solutions to real world problems.  Students join groups of five to brainstorm, create, discuss and agree on a business concept.  Students are encouraged to discover market opportunities that resonate with them and ideas they are personally passionate about.  Once a concept is adopted, the team is matched with a lead mentor from the business community.  During this semester, teams will meet at sessions at school and outside of class as required. Teams will be encouraged to determine what expertise they could use and YELL mentors may act as liaisons to help assemble a board of advisors for the project. Through the guidance of their mentors, teams will develop a viable business plan for their concepts.

Venture Challenge


In the spring, the YELL teams will compete in a Venture Challenge in their district. The teams will present their business ideas to a panel of investors and business leaders.  The Venture Challenge champions, as determined by the judging panel, will have an opportunity to compete in a Provincial Business Plan Competition.

Provincial and National Business Plan Competition

As YELL expands across British Columbia school districts, our vision is to develop a Provincial Business Plan Competition and eventually an National Business Plan Competition highlighting the best ideas students envision over the year.